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Apartment 1.01

Living on the southwest side of project HOME♥ means you will have a balcony on 2 sides of the apartment. 

The balcony runs from the kitchen, around the living room, to the master bedroom. So you have sun and enough shady spots at any time of the day.

The balcony on the south side will be 3 meters deep. Best spot to see the sun rising or maybe thinking about a jacuzzi for your well-deserved relaxing moments?  

The living room is light and spacious because of the 3 double sliding doors. The dining area is located also next to sliding doors.

The master bedroom offers an entrance to the balcony. The second bedroom is useable also as an office space or hobby room.

The Caribbean ocean breeze isn’t cool enough? All rooms, including the living room, are prepared for installing air conditioning and ceiling ventilators. 

Price apartments first floor from USD 219.000 to USD 495.000 buyers cost.

Total size including balcony

119 m2 gross floor area0

Ceiling height

2,70 m


42 m2

Bedroom + bathroom

2 + 1


1st floor (Eur) – 2nd floor (USA)

Storage room

1 in entrance hall (3,3 m2)


Location in the complex

Floor plan (net floor area)

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