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         elevator – parking lots – 2 or 3 bedrooms – balconies – city life

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Exceptional living, we don’t just say that about every project. HOME♥ in Pietermaai District is truly unique. Because of the location and of course because of the bright design of the apartments. After all, that’s what it’s all about when you buy a new home; you have to feel at home. The cleverly designed apartments do that, we are sure of that.

Look at that Caribbean look, the beautiful finish with shutters and curves and the green planters on the side of the building. The living room and two bedrooms are on the ground floor or with a loft above with even three bedrooms. Your own balcony to experience city life, but also to feel the healthy ocean breeze, which is so close by. And your parking space(s), adjacent to the complex. Besides extraordinary, you also just want to live comfortably.

Interior inspiration.

Your HOME♥ is also special inside. To start with the elevator at the main entrance to reach your apartment conveniently. Comfortable and cleverly laid out floor plans. Air conditioning and fan connections throughout the house – so cool, so nice. The solar panel option also makes your home sustainable. Did we mention the open kitchen with the option of a cooking island? And did we already tell you how cozy and adventurous the neighborhood is? An apartment and a neighborhood to love!

Apartment 2.01 (sold)

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Apartment 1.02 (sold)

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