Ground floor-lay out

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Ground floor-lay out

The main entrance of the building is located in Van Speijckstraat.

The post boxes and doorbells are situated at this main entrance.

The garbage container and utility space are situated next to the entrance.

You can go to the apartments via the stairs or elevator. 

The storage rooms are all located on this ground floor. Size is 4m2 per storage. Large enough to store luggage, Christmas stuff and more.

An inside general space for parking a scooter or extra bicycles is provided.

The restaurant space belongs to Old Dutch new style. It will transform in a cozy Grand Cafe, which will offer lunch and dinner. 

2 parking garages are for rent. The rental price is per year.
Parking lots are also available for long-term rental, at the parking lot behind Van Gogh Restaurant. 

Post boxes / doorbells


Storage room

Elevator / stairs



Floor plan ground floor.

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Ground floor - lay out

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