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Apartment 2.02

With a spacious loft, you’ll have the possibility to create an extra bedroom or a hobby and study space. And with a ridge height of 5 meters, you will experience a sea of space in your living room. 


The basic layout and balcony correspond to Apartment 1.02, but are added with more height and interior space.

This apartment offers three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One bedroom has a direct entrance to the balcony. 


A functional kitchen and a living room with a lot of light will come in through the sliding doors.

Price apartments top floor from USD 371.000 to USD 659.000 buyers cost.

Total size including balcony

118 m2 gross floor area

Ceiling height

2,70 – 5 m


12 m2

Bedroom + Bathroom

3 + 2


2nd (European) – 3rd (USA)

Storage room

1 in entrance hall (3,3 m2)

Floor plan

Location in the complex

Floor plan (net floor area)

Floor plan Vide

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