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Questions about the apartments

2 indoor parking lots are for rent per year. Other gated parking places will be available for long-term rent adjacent to the building. Please contact the real estate agent for more information.

Yes, a kitchen is included. Other preferences or ideas? You can cancel the kitchen and buy and install one by yourself. We will provide some reliable company’s for you we can recommend.

The apartment is delivered with sanitary and tiling as standard. This concerns a toilet and fountain in the toilet room. The bathroom contains a shower, a toilet and a sink. Other wishes can of course be discussed. If you want to buy a bathroom elsewhere, this is also possible. We will provide reliable companies. 

Yes, the connections are provided in standard places and in bedrooms, kitchen, living room. The roof of the balcony is equipped with one or more fan connections. Other preferences? Please discuss with the broker.

Techniek & Design Plaza is a well-known company on the island for 26 years now. With ample experience in designing homes, offices, resorts & other spaces. Giving clients such as Avila Beach Hotel, Lions Dive Beach Resort, Blue Bay Apartments and many more beautiful interiors, with high-quality products and services.
You can choose from 2 different package styles City Living and Bohemian. The basic version of these styles for the kitchen and bathroom is provided by the developer. Also, extra options like upgrading the basic style, and adding furniture packages and lighting can be delivered.
The interior design team is always available to assist you with your choices or any other changes.

General Questions

You’ll buy the apartment from Home Pietermaai District BV, with this you conclude the purchase agreement.  The contractor-tender is ongoing. Next to the purchase agreement, you will sign a construction agreement with the contractor.

An option is a period to find out whether you want to continue with the new-build apartment or not. We will temporarily reserve the construction number for you free of charge. The duration of the option is in consultation. During this period we make sure that you get all the information you need to make a decision. We guide you, possibly in collaboration with a number of specialists, in the following areas:

  1. the financing of a (new-build) home;
  2. the sale of an owner-occupied home (value assessment);
  3. the possibilities of home adaptation (additional work).

After signing the purchase agreement, you have one calendar week to change your mind.

As a Dutch citizen you have the right to buy a (holiday) home on Curaçao without any restrictions and permits. Permanent settlement in Curaçao is, however, subject to conditions.

On Curacao it is possible as a Dutch person to stay on the island for 180 days per calendar year without having to arrange anything. However, if you are going to work or do an internship, you will need the right papers.

Do you want to live or work fulltime on Curaçao? The company Dos Mundos helps you with all your questions and procedures. They are the legal specialist on the island for applying for various work and residence permits. In addition, they provide the so-called BB10 statement that is necessary for the customs clearance of your household effects and they can apply for various permits that are necessary for doing business in Curaçao.

You always need your own money if you want to buy a house on Curacao. If you need an extra mortgage and you are a resident of Curacao, you can finance up to 90% through a mortgage. If you are a non-resident and want to buy a home on Curacao, you can borrow about 65% through a mortgage.

If you want to take out a mortgage on Curacao, it is wise to engage an independent mortgage advisor on Curacao. You can also visit the banks yourself and get the information there, but often that information is a bit colored in an attempt to take out your mortgage mainly with that bank. Engaging a mortgage advisor will quickly save you up to thousands of guilders per year.

We can recommend More Than My Mortgage as an independent mortgage advisor, the company of Roos Sinot-Winkel. Roos uses a personal approach, knows all the ins & outs of the mortgage market on Curacao and will therefore always advise you on the best mortgage.

The management structure of the building takes place in an Owners’ Association (VVE). Every home owner automatically becomes a member of the
Association. The VVE owns all communal facilities and performs management by appointing an administrator. The income of the association consists of:
the monthly contribution of the owners. Through the thoughtful and sustainable design keeps the burden at a low level.

In addition to the purchase price of the house, you also have extra costs on Curacao if you are going to buy a house.

Registering the owner-occupied home in your name in the land registry (and stamps) will cost on average just under NAF 1,000. And on Curacao you also need a notary for the deed of sale.

The notary fees (akte van levering and hypotheek akte) are ± 3% together (excl. 6% OB) of the purchase price. At notary Fung-a-Loi on the website is a handy tool to calculate the costs of the transfer and mortgage deed.

A major advantage of living in the historic city center is that the transfer tax of 4% will lapse under the exemption to develop projects in the historic city center.

The purchase price of a new apartment is excluding OB tax and Buyers Cost.


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