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Apartment 2.04

Stretch out on the lounge sofa on your terrace. Make delicious dinners in your spacious open kitchen and enjoy the city views from the living room. This apartment offers 2 bedrooms and a staircase to the loft, where the 3rd bedroom (or study/hobby room) is located. The balcony measures 19m2 and is on 2 sides of the apartment.

This apartment on the northwest side is a wonderful place to live. You walk through the sliding doors directly from the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom onto your private balcony. 

With the balconies on the two sides of the apartment, you will always find a nice place to unwind and relax.

Enjoy at the highest level!

Price apartments top floor from USD 371.000 to USD 659.000 buyers cost.

Total size including balcony

132 m2 gross floor area

Ceiling heigth

2,70 – 5 m


19 m2

Bedroom + bathroom

3 + 2


2nd floor (Eur) – 3rd floor (USA)

Storage room

1 in entrance hall (3,6 m2)


Location in the complex.

Floorplan (net floor area)

Floorplan - vide

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